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Who are we?

Zebra Social is based in Tacoma, Washington. The team is made up of digital marketers (analytics folks), content creators (writers), people persons (sales), and strategists (creative-types).  Most of us have experience building our own businesses through the practices we preach which makes us passionate and excited to help other businesses do the same.

Why do we exist?

Zebra Social was created to make businesses of every size reach their goals.  We know it’s hard to stay up-to-date on the latest social media platforms and ever-changing marketing strategies when you’re running a business full-time.  That’s where we come in.

What do we do?

We take your business goals and match them to an individual marketing strategy to meet them. Combining social media, brand establishment/reinforcement, content marketing, email marketing, digital advertising, and publicity, we help you grow your business.

If your goal is to find new customers, we can do that.  If your goal is to get your brand in magazines and print, we can do that too.  If your goal is just to start your awesome business idea without having to do all that “confusing computer stuff,” we can definitely do that.

How do you get started?

Send us an email at getsocial@zebrasocial.com and tell us about your businesses goals.  After some initial research, we’ll set up a meeting with you in-person, on the phone, or via Skype.  We’ll create a package of services unique to your business’s needs.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to be everywhere on the internet, just where your audience will be (and we’re happy to help you find out where that is).

Connect with us!

Jordani Sarreal

Jordani Sarreal

Owner & CEO

Jordani Sarreal is the owner and CEO of Zebra Social. She first got her start in business with her own handmade bag & accessories company, Le Pique Nique, in 2011. From a small handmade shop in Tacoma, Washington, she used social media, digital marketing, and publicity to grow her business into an international brand. She is a PRSA-certified Public Relations professional, and has contributed to publications such as Business Insider and Entrepreneur as an expert source in the field of digital and social media marketing.