5 Things You Need to Know About Instagram Advertising

Instagram is one of the best ways to engage with clients and customers. So it should be no surprise that they want to capitalize on that.


While advertising on Instagram is slowly rolled out beyond the big name brands, there are some things to keep in mind to prepare your business’s feed so you’re ready.


1. You still need good content.
This should be a given, but sadly, some people do need reminding.  Just because you can pay your way into the mobile devices of your target audience doesn’t mean you can shortcut the quality of your photos.


Instagram is relying on its users to curate what’s a good sponsored ad, and what isn’t. On their beloved tumblr blog, they write to their users: “We’ll also make sure you have control. If you see an ad you don’t like, you’ll be able to hide it and provide feedback about what didn’t feel right.”


So be thoughtful, put a lot of time into branding your photos, and be strategic about this, folks.


2. You’ll want an exact target.
If you’re one of the many who have given up on Facebook for their lack of organic reach, or “complicated” ad-buying system…get over it.  You see, even if you’re moving all your eggs to the Instagram basket, Facebook owns it. In short: there is no avoiding Facebook.


What does this mean for your Instagram ad?  It means that you’re using Facebook’s advertising system, and those target audiences better be spot-on, or you’ll end up forsaking Instagram too.  Think of individual people when creating your ad campaign rather than a group of people. Be specific, and narrow down that target so you get the best results.


3. Take notes.
While we wait for our turn on the Instagram Advertising swing, we can be proactive and observe what’s working for those who are advertising on Instagram.


You’ll find brands you know and recognize, but pay careful attention to why.  It’s in the photo filters, the content, the angles…it’s carefully planned to evoke certain feelings and emotions.


Understand why their images capture your attention, then apply it to your own feed.  You can see who’s currently advertising with Instagram, and also find some transparent statistics on their success at: http://business.instagram.com/inspiration/


4. It’s an international market.
Of Instagram’s 300 millions monthly active users (as of August, 2015), 70% of them are outside the US.


The advertising rollout has included several nations with all types of Instagram advertisements (Photo, Video, Carousel) including Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Brazil.


It can be difficult to reach these audiences in an organic way through Facebook and other social platforms because of language barriers, or simply navigating through audiences to find international customers.  Now, it’s a targeted international audience with a picture (or video or carousel) doing all the talking for you. Take advantage of that, and expand your reach.


5. It’s turning out results.
Instagram has been fine tuning this system for over a year. Even though their API news rang the social media bells, this is not uncharted territory for Instagram.


The beta brands of Instagram performed almost 3% better than their other digital media campaigns. All of them.  With their reach in the millions, that meant tens of thousands more interactions.  For small to medium businesses, that could mean a few hundred more interactions.


However, don’t forget, these are highly targeted audiences, so those interactions are even more likely to take immediate action in the form of purchasing your product, joining your cause, or advocating for your brand.


We don’t know how long Instagram is going to take rolling out the advertising system to folks like us, but we can be ready to jump right in when it does become available.


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